Dragons of the Moon
Dragons of the Moon

Blind Eyes
Flashback Two
by Katsuko and Apollymi

Kisara was always quietly amused by the fact that only one person even came close to besting Oten in a battle of wills: his wife Salihah.

Upon returning to Seth's rooms, they had found the other woman waiting impatiently. The moment she spotted them she demanded to know why her husband had not sent for her and if no one was deathly ill why were the Pharaoh and his closest priest being so secretive. Oten didn't have any answers for her but scolded Salihah for leaving their rooms without a guard.

That had not gone over well. And now they had switched over to Salihah's native tongue, of which Kisara did not understand a single word. She looked back and forth as the couple argued, wondering how rude it would be of her to laugh. Really, Oten and Salihah were adorable at times.

"I'm going to be on the balcony," Kisara said after a moment; neither Oten nor Salihah acknowledged her words. "And then I'm going to run naked through Pharaoh's rooms to see if he notices me." She did giggle when Oten waved one hand in her direction while snapping something back to Salihah. It would be at least an hour before he registered what she'd just said.

Still giggling softly, Kisara stepped onto the balcony leading down into the gardens. It was tempting to walk down the five steps to kneel amongst the flowers, but Seth wished for her to remain in their rooms.

Speaking of wishes....

She turned her crystalline eyes towards the darkening sky. Her Star would appear shortly, and she did not want to miss seeing its light awaken in the heavens above. She'd seen it for the first time after Lord Seth brought her to the palace a few years before, a single spot of violet light in the sky as she peered up into the night as a free woman after a childhood of slavery. No one else had seen it until she pointed it out; Kisara sometimes wondered if the legends of her people might be true for that reason alone.

A soft smile crossed her lips as her Star blinked into the sky even though the sun's last rays still hovered on the horizon. "Wish I may, wish I might," she whispered to the distant light. "Are you coming into the world soon? I wish to meet you, my light."

The sound of rapidly approaching footsteps drew her attention, and Kisara glanced down to see Seth. Her smiled faded into a concerned frown as her eyes fell on the bloodied bundle in the man's arms; she couldn't make out any features, but her lord obviously carried another person, and he was furious.

"Oten! Salihah! Come quickly!" she cried over her shoulder before rushing down to assist Seth. "What has happened?"

"Not out here," Seth replied shortly. "We'll speak of this inside."

She frowned, knowing that the harsh tone wasn't directed at her but bristling all the same. "As you wish, Lord Seth," she said before rounding and loosing an aggravated scream. That finally drew Oten and Salihah onto the balcony, and the other woman gasped in horror at the sight before them.